Nordic+ Webinar

ITS Nordic+ Webinar – towards more sustainable mobility. 

Inspiration from 3 Nordic experts on how to achieve more sustainable, circular and active mobility through IT

Ragnhild Wahl, ITS Norway Industrialisation and sustainability within mobility is associated. Climate changes, traffic safety, and industrialisation are among the many elements included in the UNs sustainable development goals. How do we get beyond pilots to create industrialisation and at the same time meet these goals? How do we lower the barriers? The unique Nordic collaboration between industry, research, authorities, and society provides a good starting point for developing sustainable mobility solutions and business models.

Eemil Rauma, ITS Finland Circular economy of mobility in a post Corona time. Covid has caused irreversible changes to transport sector and how people move, and many aftershocks are still to follow. These changes and aftershocks along with Russian attack on Ukraine will change transport sector as we know it. Circular economy of mobility brings ways to mitigate these challenges and as such they are addressed and discussed in the presentation.

Kim Brochmann Møller, Copenhagen Municipality ITS to support active mobility (walking, cycling). Supporting walking and cycling in ITS and signalization is not an off the shelf product. Most standard solutions are developed to suit car and vehicle detection. However, within these boundaries.Copenhagen Municipality are using ITS and smart solutions to prioritize and to enable active mobility, both in the planning phase and in the operational phas