The Nordic+ Mobility Ecosystem constitutes the current Nordic ITS membership associations ITS Norway, ITS Finland, ITS Denmark, ITS Sweden and ITS Iceland, in addition to ITS Estonia. The aim is to establish a permanent network for mobility that continues after 2030 for current and future mobility projects and initiative. The Nordic+ Mobility Ecosystem will help achieve the council’s goals by innovating and demonstrating ITS, as well as cross-mode and cross-border data-sharing in the Nordic region.

This will be achieved through various initiatives such as:

  • Facilitate thematic workshops focusing on data-sharing and digitalisation.
  • Establish a Nordic industry arena for innovation.
  • Initiate projects and programs based on innovation and demand.
  • Attract investors and work with funding mechanisms.
  • Branding activities, a joint Nordic+ pavilion or stand.
  • Enable widespread cooperation and knowledge sharing across borders and domains.
Figure 1: The red sector is the ITS contribution.

The combined Nordic ITS associations have 400 members and will form the basis for this initiative. The members of the network include representatives from industry and suppliers, transport agencies, cities and academia. In addition, the Nordic ITS associations are members of other networks, including ITS Nationals with 2,000 members across Europe and ERTICO with a member base in the automotive industry and a deep connection to the European Commission. Last but not least, through solid cooperation with Nordic Innovation and entities such as export agencies, Business Finland and Business Sweden, the ecosystem will be a perfect playground for promoting the Nordic+ industry.

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