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Jenny Simonsen

Direktør for Operasjon og Ny mobilitet


Member category

Members of ITS Norway must be from the relevant business. A member of ITS Norway must have a business address in Norway.

The association has the following membership structure:

A. Partner.
B. Member, the business has more than five employees.
C. Member, the business has less than five employees.
D. Member, the business is an educational institution.

Personal membership

It is possible to sign up for personal membership in ITS Norway. Personal members do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly. It is the board of ITS Norway that determines the annual membership fee for personal members.

Membership fees

The membership fee consists of two parts, both of which are mandatory:
Contribution that is exempt from value added tax. Service charge that is not exempt from VAT.

Information on membership fees 2023

Membership fees for 2023 are determined by the 2022 general meeting for respective member categories:

A: Quota NOK 5000 and service fee NOK 79 000 + VAT.
B: Quota NOK 5 000 and service fee NOK 23 000 + VAT.
C: Quota NOK 2 500 and service fee NOK 4 600 + VAT.
D: Quota NOK 2 500 and service fee NOK 4 600 + VAT.

Denunciation of the association must be made in writing.

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