Bifrost Talks Mobility: Public / Private Data Handling Nordics v. U.S.

2 minutter
27. januar 2021

To build smart and sustainable cities and enable seamless multimodal traveling – private-public cooperation and data handling need to be enhanced. Integrating various transport services and modes into a single mobility service accessible on demand – requires a holistic strategy and strong collaboration and understanding of the traveler’s needs and the need to exploit data that should be gathered in the public domain instead of everywhere.

Covid-19 has taught us that there is a need for better collaboration in data sharing to inform government policy and track public transport use. Operators have informed their passengers about how busy public transport is to help the passenger make the right decision on when is the best time to travel.

The mindset has to change…

Are you curious about mobility and data sharing? The Nordics have long been a trusted mobility provider in their ecosystems and citizens share data with public and private entities to allow for smooth operations.

Joins us for the latest Bifrost Talks Mobility: Public/Private Data Handling Nordics v. U.S. to learn from leading mobility providers, researchers, and policy creators in the U.S., Finland, Sweden, and Norway the current landscape and future of public/private data sharing.

You will hear from  Ida Schauman MaaS Global, Daniel Rudmark RISE and Christel Borge Entur, moderated by Jenny Simonsen ITS Norway.