4Front Cluster Webinar – Developing network and traffic management of the future

Welcome to the 4Front Webinar – Developing traffic and network managament of the future.

With 5 European funded projects, the European Commission: 4FRONT cluster of projects (ORCHESTRA, TANGENT, DIT4TRAM, FRONTIER) and HARMONY will give a full picture of the future of traffic and network management. More importantly, how cities will look in terms of mobility and traffic, taking new forms of mobility into account. 

The session will allow the audience to think about how to tackle new technological, societal, operational, business and governance challenges and opportunities in the following years. 
We will hear from all the projects, Thiago Tavares DG MOVE and a panel discussion around the four key areas of collaboration for the traffic and network of the future


10:00-10:05 Welcome & 4FRONT Cluster Introduction

Runar Søråsen, ORCHESTRA Coordinator and Project Manager, ITS Norway

10:05-10:15 Keynote

10:15-10:25 Keynote

10:25-10:40 TANGENT project: Data processing techniques for traffic management optimization

Leire Serrano, TANGENT project coordinator, DeustoTech – University of Deusto.

10:40-10:55 ORCHESTRA project: Resilient orchestration of the traffic in the whole traffic system

Marit Natvig, Research Scientist at SINTEF

10:55-11:10 DIT4TraM project: Swarm intelligence to manage traffic and mobility

Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Director Mobility Innovation Centre TU Delft

11:10-11.25 FRONTIER project: Stakeholder requirements and needs for future network management systems

Panos Georgakis, Professor in Intelligent Transportation Systems, University of Wolverhampton  

11:25-11:40 Q&A session