DATEX II at the heart of connectivity – 6th DATEX II Forum

With Version 3, DATEX II is now at the heart of connectivity, supporting the digitalisation of road traffic and travel information. Next to important updates implemented for national road operators and service providers, DATEX II has broadened its focus to the domains of urban mobility, electro mobility charging infrastructure, logistics, electronic traffic regulations and cooperative, connected and automated mobility. We would like to discuss these topics with you at the 6th DATEX II Forum, both in management as well as in technical streams.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, DATEX II will organize its 6th DATEX II Forum in a slightly different setting:  

  • The physical Forum will take place on 9/10 June 2021 in Paris
  • On the originally scheduled first day of the 2020 DATEX II Forum, November 25th, a series of webinars will start

Both the webinars and the Forum will reflect the above-mentioned themes and topics in both the management and technical streams.

This enables us to share with you the tremendous progress and interesting new capabilities of DATEX II already this year and to bring together the DATEX II community in the first half of next year.

We look forward to you joining us online and sharing experiences at the webinars and seeing you in real live in spring 2021 in Paris at the 6th DATEX II Forum! Visit for further details about the 6th DATEX II Forum.