Se nordover i mai – ITS Borealis

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5. april 2017

To ITS arrangementer står på kalenderen i Tromsø i mai. Begge med utgangspunkt i prosjekter knyttet til E8 mellom Skibotn og Kilpisjärvi. Først konferansen ITS Borealis den 11.-12. mai og deretter en workshop den 23. mai. Program for sistnevnte planlegges i disse dager via innovasjonssamarbeidet mellom ITS Norway og Integra som sammen driver ITS Arena.

Undertittelen til ITS Borealis er «E8 the Intelligent Road – towards automated driving?»  og vi siterer fra konferanseinformasjonen;

On route E8, between Skibotn to Kilpisjärvi, every fifth vehicle is a truck trailer. Many of these trailers are loaded with fresh fish and other perishable goods which need to quickly reach customers. This is often a challenge because E8 is an arctic route and can see severe winter condition, which makes reliable travel difficult.

Cooperation is the key to improve travel on E8. New and improved technology makes it easier for the road infrastructure and the cars to communicate with each other and this cooperation supports better travel planning and the implementation of a more efficient trip. This cooperative technology is often known as Intelligent Transport System or simply, ITS.

The Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA) has a number of pilot projects that develop and test different ITS solutions. One of NPRA’s project is on E8 from Skibotn in Norway to the Finnish border. Once across the Norwegian border, the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) has testing areas on E8 exploring different ITS solutions. Cooperation, in an innovative environment, between industry and between technology experts and road planners on different sides of national borders is the key to success for these ITS efforts.

Norwegian Public Road Administration and Finnish Transport Agency invites you to an ITS-Conference in Tromsø on the 11th and 12th of May 2017.

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