Nordic+ webinar – ITS and natural catastrophes

The role of ITS during natural hazards and climate change.

How can ITS be used smarter to ensure safe transport and a resilient infrastructure during natural catastrophes and challenging weather conditions?

Nordic+ is inviting you to a webinar on the 7th of May at 12:00-14:00 CET. In this insightful webinar, experts from the Nordic+ countries will provide knowledge about how different actors acts when natural disasters hits, how mobility is mobilized during natural catastrophes and how ITS can help prevent and manage natural disasters in the Nordic region.


  • The increasing of rockslides and what technology and ITS can do to predict and prevent more.
    Marius Chramer, Head of Administration, Norwegian Natural Hazards Group
  • Monitoring and mitigation of landslide creep and high-precipitation events along the Siglufjordur road in north Iceland
    Halldor Geirsson, Associate Professor in Geophysics, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
  • The mobilization of emergency fleets during imminent volcanic eruptions.
    Vidir Reynisson, Chief superintendent of the Office of the National Commissioner of the Police, Department of Civil protection and emergency management in Iceland
  • Weather and climate services as key enablers of safe and reliable mobility in extreme conditions.
    Mr. Jani Poutiainen, Head of group, Traffic and media, Customer Services, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Join the webinar for valuable insights and be a part the following discussion on ITS and natural catastrophes.


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Photo: The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

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