The DYNAPORT project – webinar: Digitalizing Nautical Communication Between Ship and Shore with S-100

Mastering Maritime Efficiency with new digital communication standards is a two-part webinar series in which we provide an essential introductory guide for anyone involved in the planning of implementing new ship-shore communication systems.

This webinar will give you a general introduction to S-100, expected benefits and timelines. The main focus will be on how S-100 can be used to provide information needed in port call processes by using S-131 (Marine Harbour Infrastructure Product Specification) and S-421 (Route Plan based on S-100 Product Specification). The S-131 data model enables a potential for encoding of information related to harbour infrastructure, services and regulations, and the S-421 data model provides better information exchange between ship and shore to support route planning, just-in-time arrival, and to support better coordination between all partners involved in sea transport and port operation.


  • Welcome
    Moderator Mr. Alv Øidvin, ITS Norway.
  • Part 1
    Mr. Svein Skjaeveland, Manager International Standardization, ECC AS.
    S-100 general introduction, expected benefits and timelines.
  • Part 2
    Mr. Mikus Ranka, Senior Geodata Consultant, ECC AS // Mrs. Matilde Skjaeveland Skaar, National Depth Data Manager, Norwegian Hydrographic Service.
    The S-131 data model and potential for encoding of relevant information, seen in accordance with the Port Information Manual for Nautical Data of BIMCO, IAPH, IHMA, IHO, ITPCO.
  • Part 3
    Mr. John Morten Klingsheim, senior engineer, Norwegian Coastal Administration.
    S-421 is an international enabler established by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) to guide both mariners and all others involved in ship-movement to the relevant information, limiting the time needed searching for the right information at the right time, and assuring all partners access critical information.
  • Part 4

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