Nordic+ webinar: The future of Maritime ITS and next steps

Join us for the launch of the Nordic+ Maritime ITS network, a collaborative strategic initiative to make maritime ITS a positive force in intermodal transport! This network will facilitate the sharing of ideas across industry stakeholders and international borders to optimise maritime operations and intermodal connectivity.

The ITS community is committed to promoting an integrated intelligent transport system across all modes and all types of transport. Much focus has so far been on road transport. Still, as maritime transport is critical for the world in terms of value, volume, and security, increasing attention to this mode is necessary. This is particularly important for countries on the outskirts of Europe, where the maritime sector is critical also for national transport needs. It is also recognised that the maritime sector represents an international community. Any measures or solutions proposed to improve operation in the sector or on its interfaces to other modes should have a global perspective.

We will focus on digitalisation, automation, and standardisation, with the aim of developing a maritime ITS architecture that clarifies how different standards and specifications work together across the maritime domain. It will also be crucial to define how this architecture can best be linked to the other transport modes that the maritime sector needs to interface with.

The network’s success will depend on active involvement from the start, so join us on this interactive webinar on the 24th of May as we set sail together!


  • Welcome
    Moderator Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway
  • An introduction to Maritime ITS as a concept
    Ørnulf Rødseth, ITS Norway
  • eNavigation in practice
    Juho Pitkänen, Head of Digital Development at Fintraffic VTS
  • The potential and opportunity from a UK Maritime perspective
    Tim Morris, Principal Engineer at Arup
  • Ongoing ITS projects at RISE
    Robert Rylander, Researcher at the Department Safety and Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Short discussion about the purpose and next steps
    All participants and moderated by Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway


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You can find the link to the webinar here!