10 good reasons to become a member of ITS Norway

7 minutes
9. January 2024

ITS Norway is a membership organization for private and public actors in the transport sector. We work every day to find solutions together with partners in Norway and abroad and challenge the players to tackle our common challenge – to achieve smarter, safer and more sustainable transport, through digitalisation.

The organisation’s members and partners make up a large network of resources and expertise which together have an overview of the status and development trends in the entire ITS sector nationally and internationally. We make resources and expertise effectively available to our members through direct contact mediation, physical and digital meeting places, collaborative projects and our own information channels. This creates synergies that bring the sector forward and together we create tomorrow’s mobility and transport!

A membership in ITS Norway offers many benefits – here are the top 10 reasons to become a member in ITS Norway:

  • Multimodal approach:
    ITS Norway, together with our members, covers mobility and transport by road, rail, sea and air – it provides a holistic approach to transport. This means that we see the big picture and can work together with all parties involved in a more appropriate way.

  • The latest industry news:
    Access to the latest industry news within national and international ITS development through ITS Norway’s newsletter and LinkedIn channel. We share news on behalf of our members, in addition to our own news. Get information about meeting places, events, members in our network, relevant professional networks, projects, research, useful information and tips, and much more. This is how you keep up and are updated on the latest within intelligent transport systems in Norway and the rest of the world.

  • Communication and marketing in our channels:
    Share your news, events and activities through ITS Norway’s information channels. We help you reach more people with communication on our website, newsletter and LinkedIn, as well as physical and digital meeting places. You reach out with your information to even more people in your target group!

  • Professional refill and competence:
    ITS Norway offers conferences, seminars, courses, workshops and webinars to its members. Every year we take delegations to the major European and global ITS congresses, where members are exposed to the international industry and have the opportunity to make new contacts. With us, you get access to first-hand knowledge and expertise about digitization in the transport sector, everything from technology to regulations, and everything in between. Together, this gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest in the sector.

  • Study tours:
    We conduct educational study tours for our members. You will have the opportunity to make contacts, increase your competence and understanding, experience the technological possibilities in reality, gain insight into what we can learn from other actors and countries, and how we can put it to use in our own markets.

  • Neutral meeting places:
    Meeting places where actors from the private, public, academia and R&D can come together on neutral ground to work on common goals and the future. Bringing together actors from different parts of the transport sector, with different knowledge, experience and expertise, to create dialogue and cooperation in the industry everyone belongs to – this is what creates innovation, necessary change, and drives society forward.

  • Network and collaboration:
    These meeting places also open completely new doors – national and international networks and collaboration where expertise and experience can be shared and strengthened. Knowledge, resources and opportunities for collaboration that can help us succeed in an increasingly complex and technology-driven transport world. Here is an opportunity to find business partners, discover scalable markets and develop new markets, strengthen competitiveness and create projects that develop the sector and contribute to goal achievement.

    Being a member of ITS Norway means that you become part of a large and growing network of national and international actors within intelligent transport systems. This network consists of over 80 members from both the private and public sector, academia and R&D, as well as a contact network within politics – which together covers mobility and transport on both road, rail, sea and air.

    In addition, ITS Norway is a member of large national and international professional networks that work to help actors participate in R&D, innovation and business development. We are happy to assist our members in finding the right and relevant actors for collaboration, whether it is for projects, events or other activities of interest. Together, this constitutes a completely unique form of industry affiliation.

  • Nordic+:
    When you are a member of ITS Norway, you are also automatically a member of the large and strongly growing Nordic unit Nordic+. This unit consists of the Nordic ITS member associations ITS Norway, ITS Finland, ITS Danmark, ITS Sweden and ITS ├Źsland, in addition to ITS Estonia and the Latvian IT Cluster / DIH. These combined ITS associations count more than 400 members and include representatives from the private, public, academia and R&D. The purpose of the Nordic+ ecosystem is to help fulfill the Nordic Council’s vision of “The most integrated and sustainable region in the world”. Nordic+ will contribute to achieving the council’s goals by innovating and demonstrating ITS, as well as data sharing across modes and borders in the Nordic region. As a member, you become part of a large network for mobility and transport for current and future mobility, transport and action projects.

  • Assistance for a wide range of activities:
    Our members receive assistance for a wide range of activities – implementation of events (congresses, conferences, seminars, courses, workshops, webinars, etc.), project applications, financial applications, professional reports and investigations, strategy work and much more. ITS Norway acts as a facilitator and a link, which contributes to the right actors coming together, and activities are carried out in the best possible way.

  • Impact and influence:
    ITS Norway is active throughout Norway and is involved in a number of national and international activities and projects, together with or on behalf of our members. The activities and projects ITS Norway participates in contribute to strengthening the power of innovation through increased and better interaction between the private, public, academia and R&D. This means that we remain relevant and effective and that we can help to actively influence the legislative and standardization work that helps to shape future mobility, transport and politics. Together with our members, we create value for society and enable smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility and transport.

Do you want to develop and shape future mobility and transport, get to know relevant partners, customers and suppliers, understand the market and its drivers and barriers, and contribute to sustainable work?
become a member of ITS Norway today!