28. februar
28. februar
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Neste arrangement Mobilitet 2024

Nordic+ webinar – NOMAD: Second European Conclave on MaaS

Open mobility data for on-demand mobility services in Europe – NeTEx Part 5, GBFS or others?

Welcome to a Nordic+ webinar, in the continuation of the NOMAD project, about how to publish open mobility data for on-demand mobility services in the same formats through National Access Points in the European countries.

The challenges successful MaaS faces, cross-border issues and business models seem the toughest. Both problems are mainly related to payment/ticketing part of MaaS and the implementation of standards. These issues are tricky because public and private actors need to cooperate despite their inherently different business models, and cities and countries might work at different paces and apply slightly different policies, regulations and standards. Many actors are active in more than one EU country, hence differences in profiles etc, which will just increace coast of compliance. Also these aspects face again different challenges as the “basic” information level.

It would be highly effective on several leveals if all actors and National Access Points (NAP) authorities used the same European wide standard way of defining static and dynamic data for shuttle buses, shuttle ferries, taxis, car-sharings, ride-sharings, car-hires, bike-sharings, E-scooter sharings, bike-hires, etc.

A discussion is ongoing on whether to adopt NeTEx Part 5 and/or use GBFS (for some of the modes).

The Second European Conclave on MaaS will explore this discussion and how to proceed best to reach the European Green Deal by accelerating sustainable and smart mobility.

Questions looking for answers:

  • Is it mandatory for European providers of on demand mobility services to deliver open mobility data in NeTEx?
  • How should national NAP authorities ensure that common standards and profiles are adhered to nationally and across the EU?
  • What does it take for a provider of on demand mobility services to be compliant with the MMTIS regulation?
  • Providers of on demand mobility services may be active in more countries. How many different open standards/profiles are acceptable
  • Users of open mobility data for multimodal travel planning services may be active in more than one EU country. What will lack of unified mobility data mean to them?
  • The MMTIS regulation not only define the standards for open mobility data but also how these data shall be utilized. Does that extend to other standards as well?

You can find the registration and the program here.

Welcome to the webinar!

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